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Renaming image file names and ALT tags - SEO Renaming Tool

Note: Renaming will change Product Image URL permanently. There is NO restore available for this action. This is usually not a problem if you are using Shopify themes because all product image URLs are generated dynamically. However, sometimes this can be a problem if you (or somebody else) is using specific hard coded image URL somewhere else (for eg. your blog or other 3rd party site)

Why optimize your images for search engines

You can read why it's important to optimize your images for search engines on Google Image Publishing Guidelines. On top of image compression, can help you with two crucial properties: Image ALT tags and image file names. Follow the guide below to setup the automatic image SEO process with If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

How-to Guide

1. Open the app and click Get Started next to Image Rename

2. Click See How it Works and then Boost My SEO Now!

3. Select whether you want to rename both Filenames and ALT Tags or just one or the either. Check the box(es) and continue.

4. The next pages are where you will choose the details that will go into your renames. If you selected both Filenames and ALT tags, you'll first choose the filename template, and then you'll choose the ALT tag template on the next page.

The top of the page gives you the chance to add your own custom fields (a word or phrase that will show up on all images) and below that, you'll see the variables and the order they will appear in. Change the Template fields by either adding words and clicking enter, or click x to delete the standard tags. The standard tags are a great template and if you're happy with it, there is no need to edit the fields.

Note: The app will also add a series of numbers at the end of the file name. ie. /product-name-25650219335.jpg This is required in order to have a unique file name for each product image.

You'll be able to see a preview of your changes at the bottom of the page.

5. Select either Manual or Automatic and then click Next.

A popup will appear asking you to confirm everything. If you have already renamed images and want to rename them again, you can do so in this popup by clicking Include files which have already been renamed and then Proceed.

6. Once you've gone through the process, you'll be directed to the dashboard where you can watch the status of your renaming. You can now close the app and allow it to do its work - this may take some time.

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