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Shopify App

Our popular image compression and optimization app for Shopify stores

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Wordpress Plugin

Soon available on Wordpress. The same powerful compression and simple interface

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Simple-to-use API for image compression and optimization

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Web Interface

Web aplication for image compression and optimization

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Billing Information, Credit card,
Invoices, VAT

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Account management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Balanced, Conservative, Custom - which compression shoud I use?

Balanced - Significant reduction in size with minimal sacrifice to image quality.

Conservative - Moderate reduction size with zero loss to image quality. Images appear 100% the same as the original.

Custom - Manually set compression levels for each type of image. Recommended for advanced users

Do I have to pay monthly or one time?

You may just want to pay once to compress all your images. You can do this by selecting the plan you need to compress all your images. Once the images are all compressed you can move to the Free plan or remove the app

What should I do if I run out of quota? will notify you if there are more images than your plan can compress. Then you can upgrade your plan at any time.

Can I restore my images? for Shopify and Wordpress have an option to Backup and Restore images.

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