1. Common Questions

Q: Can I do a one-time compression?

If you are not adding images to your site each month, you may just want to pay once to compress all your images. You can do this by selecting the plan you need to compress all your images. Once the images are all compressed you can move to the Free plan or remove the app.

Q:  If I remove Crush.pics, will my images stay compressed?

Yes! Although we recommend downgrading to the Free plan instead of removing the app. If you remove the app, your compressed images will remain compressed in Shopify.
You can also revert the images to their uncompressed version of the images by clicking Details next to the image and selecting Restore.

Q: Can I delete images to free up the monthly compression quota?

No. Once an image is compressed, that usage is taken off your monthly compression quota. Deleting or reverting the image will not free up more compression quota. You must wait until the next billing cycle to use the quota again or you can upgrade your plan.

Q: How long does compression take?

Crush.pics is compressing images for hundreds of stores at any one time. It may take days to complete your compression if you have a lot so feel free to close the app and check on it in a few days just to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Q: Why did my site speed score not increase?

We will never compress an image and make it bigger. A worst-case scenario is that the image cannot be compressed and stays at the same size but that doesn't happen very often. We also do not change any code or scripts on your store. All we do is simply replace the raw image on Shopify's CDN server.
On occasion, these testing sites may also say that your images still need to be compressed; this means that your theme isn't optimized for the resolution of the images you're using. Basically, your images are one resolution, but your theme is pulling them at a different resolution, causing a discrepancy that the testing site thinks can be fixed by optimizing/compressing them. What you need to do is either adjust the IMG tags in your theme to match your images, or adjust your images to match your theme.

Q: Why has the app not found all my images?

As it says in our app listing, Crush.pics can compress product, collection, and asset folder images. Any images stored in the Settings > Files area of the Shopify Admin cannot be compressed or even accessed. This is because Shopify does not allow access for apps to this area so it is impossible for us to compress them. If Shopify opens this access, we will add that functionality to our app. This includes homepage slides/banners, blog images, images in product descriptions, and images in pages. If you are on the free plan, the app will only pull images that were on your store at the time of installing the app. It will also only pull product images on the free plan.

Q: I deleted images from Shopify but they still show up in the app

The app caches images for 30 days so if you delete them, they will still show in the app for 30 more days before disappearing. This is to ensure that we can restore any compress images if the user wishes.

Q: Does Crush.pics change my images?

No. Image compression is the process of encoding or converting an image file in such a way that it consumes less space than the original file. It reduces the size of an image file without affecting or degrading its quality. Our app doesn't add any scripts to your site and all aspects of your image will remain the same, except the compression. 

Q: What about next-gen images? 

Sometimes you might see recommendations to use next-gen or next-generation images but these are not necessary with Shopify. Shopify will already compress your image into WebP format when visible on your site, which is equivalent to about Conservative or Lossless compression.
Our app does not support compressing next-gen images and it will not change them to next-gen images.

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2. Plan Questions

Q: Can I trial Crush.pics before paying?

Crush.pics is a quota-based app which means timeframes are not as important as results. We offer a Free 25MB plan that acts as a trial of Crush.pics that you can access when signing up or anytime from the Plans page in-app. There is no time trial for Crush.pics and refunds will not be offered. If you want to try the app, sign up for the Free 25MB plan.

Q: Which plan should I choose?

When going through the setup wizard, use the Recommend a Plan option on Step 2. Crush.pics will search your site for images and recommend a plan based on that.
If you've already installed the app, you can estimate your needs by taking the total number of images and multiplying it by 0.0002. You will get a number in GB and that will tell you which plan you need. (ie. 10,000 images x 0.0002 = 2 GB / Basic Plan)

Q: What should I do if I run out of quota?

Crush.pics is billed monthly so if you run out of quota one month, you will get more quota at the start of your next billing cycle.
If you need to compress all your images in one month, go to the Plans page and select the plan you require to finish compressing your images. Shopify will charge you the difference on your final bill.

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3. Other Questions

Q: How do refunds work?

If you are given a refund, it will be sent through Shopify's Billing system. Your refund will be sent to your Shopify account and is then managed by Shopify. It typically will stay as an App Credit and be applied to future app charges on your Shopify invoice. You can read more on Shopify's Help Center

Q: Do you have a partner or affiliate program?

Yes! You can read more about it and contact us regarding it by checking out this page

Q: When is support available?

We try and answer all support requests within a day but sometimes weekend support can take longer. 

Q: How do I uninstall and cancel the app?

We're sorry to hear that you want to discontinue use of the app - if you have questions or feedback, please contact us.
To delete the app, go to the Apps section of your Shopify Admin and click the garbage can icon next to the app. This will stop any future billing but you will still be charged for your current charge.

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