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Learn how to start benefiting from quicker image downloads, improved product image search results and more engaged customers with our short four part video tutorial series.


Crush.pics for Shopify Dashboard Tour

Learn about the main features of Crush.pics for Shopify with a detailed tour of the dashboard. In this video we cover compression settings, file renaming, manual upload and more.

Pro Tip: If you watch one video watch this one!


Which Crush.pics compression setting should I choose?

Learn about Crush.pics two main compression types and how to enable automatic compression for your Shopify store's images.


How to set up file and alt tag renaming

Learn the importance of file and alt tag naming in relation to SEO as well as how to set up  naming templates for your product images to help them be more understandable for search engines.


When to use the manual upload and compress feature

Learn how and when to use the manual upload and compress feature in Crush.pics. This tutorial will take you through a start to finish demo of adding a new image to a blog post in the Shopify admin.

Why is Image Compression Important?

Crush.pics helps reduce the file size of your store’s images using a technique known as “image compression”. By removing unneeded data from your images the will look almost identical to their original but take considerably less time to download. Google loves fast websites and so will your customers.

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