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Getting Started with the Shopify App

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Getting the App

Download the app from Shopify's App Store if you haven't already. Click Add App. This will take you to our setup wizard.

Select a Compression Method

The first step is to select the method of compression that you want to use. Balanced, Conservative, and Custom are your options. Each method offers its own advantages and you can read more about them in this article

Click Run Compression Test to see a side-by-side comparison.

Balanced(Lossy) will compress up to 70% but might affect the quality slightly while Conservative(Lossless) will maintain quality and compress up to 30%. 

Note: You can select which types of images get compressed by the automatic method. If you only want to compress images that are live on your site or only product images, go to Settings and see this guide

Select your compression method and click Next Step - Plan 

Select a Plan

When selecting a plan you have to consider how many images your site has. If you have 2000 images at 300KB each, that equals about 600MB and therefore you would want to go for the Basic Plan which can compress up to 2GB a month. If you click Recommend a Plan the app will suggest a plan for you based on how many images you have.
Your monthly plan gives you access to the compress values indicated and deleted or reverting images does not free up more compression space for that month.

Select your Automation Method

The next page will give you the option of either Automatic or Individual
For those who want maximum compression and want all images compressed, selecting Automatic will be the best option but it is only available on paid plans.
If you want to select individual images or use the free plan or try out the compression before doing your entire store, select Individual
You can read about the two options and how to change them later on in this article.  

Getting to know your Dashboard

If you select the Free plan and are presented with a red Out of Quote message, then your site has more than 25MB of images to compress and you will need to look for an appropriate plan by clicking Upgrade Plan.

You can access image details and comparisons by clicking Details next to a specific image.

Next Steps

If you selected the automatic mode and all your images were compressed or are in queue to be compressed, you don't need to do anything else!
If Individual was selected during setup, you can manually compress photos by clicking Details > Compress Image - as shown in this article

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