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Getting Started with the Crush.pics Web App

Welcome to the Crush.pics Web App!

Our Web App is designed to make it easy for users to upload images for compression. When they're compressed, you just need to download them to your computer and you can upload your compressed images to any website you desire.

Plans and Billing Page


Crush.pics offers a free plan with 25MB of compression so you can test compression with our app.

Sign up / Select a plan

  1. Click the Plans & Billing option in the left menu.
  2. To select a plan, click Sign up next to a plan.
  3. Insert your payment details and once it's confirmed, your new plan allowances will show up on the dashboard.


  1. Go to the Plans & Billing page to select the new plan you want


  1. Switch the Free plan OR,
  2. Click My Profile > Billing Information > Plan > Cancel Subscription



From here you can see how much quota you have and how much quota you've used for the current billing period, as well as how much you've saved.

Consumption Report

This graph will show you how much quota you used over time.

Start Compressing

  1. Click Images from the left menu
  2. Select your compression method - Balanced, Conservative, or Custom
  3. Click Add Image or drag & drop images into step 2 to upload your images
  4. See the results at the bottom - Click the download button next to an individual image or click the Download All button.
Compression Page
Note: You will have 12 hours from upload to download your compressed images. After that, you will need to compress them again if you did not download them.


If you want to use the Crush.pics API, click the API Details option from the left menu. API Documents are available from this screen.

Profile & Account

Click the My Profile link in the top right corner to access your options.

  1. Change Password
  2. Billing Information - From here you can change personal and billing information as well as your payment method and billing history.
  3. Sign Out
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