Getting Started with Crush.pics for Wordpress

Welcome to Crush.pics for Wordpress!

To get started, you can install the Crush.pics plugin from the Wordpress Plugin page > https://wordpress.org/plugins/crush-pics/

  1. Create an account - This account will give you access to Crush.pics in Wordpress and via our Web App >
  2. If you already have an account, use the "Already have an API Key?" option. Use the API key from the Web App


Select your compression type

Balanced - Up to 70% savings and our best compression in terms of savings and quality

Conservative - Up to 30% savings and is guaranteed to keep the quality of your images

Custom - For advanced users who want to adjust the amount of compression manually


Turning this on will make the app automatically update new images as they are uploaded


Keeping this option on will ensure you have a backup of your original images. We highly recommend keeping this on.

Keep EXIF Data

Enabling this will keep image data such as shutter speed, exposure, ISO etc

Files included in compression

This area is where you will select which images you want to compress from your Wordpress account

Note: Go to Settings to change any of this in the future


Summary shows the following:

  1. Amount of quota available
  2. Plan
  3. Renewal date
  4. Switch to turn automatic compression on or off
  5. Number of images left to compress

All Images shows the following:

  1. All your images
  2. Status of images
  3. Details button to see more information on each image
  4. Compress button to manually compress individual images
  5. Search by file name
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