Why we Love Balanced Compression

Our new compression algorithm strikes the perfect balance between quality and image size. By intelligently calculating just how much compression to apply to each image, Crush.pics ensures that the new image looks as close as possible to the original.

Conservative Compression

Makes use of a lossless algorithm to preserve every pixel in the image. Files look identical but will be slightly smaller in size and offer a slightly quicker download time.

Custom Compression

Define your own settings for both JPG and PNG image files. This setting makes use of Lossy compression resulting in significantly reduced file sizes.

Complete Image Compression & SEO Optimization Solution

Image Compression

Smaller image sizes equal quicker page load times, quicker page load times equal happier customers — it’s a win-win!

Product Image Renaming

Let search engines discover and understand your product images. Use default settings or create your own naming convention.

ALT Tag Renaming

Optimise your ALT tags with Crush.pics to help search engines index your image appropriately and support visually impaired customers.

Powerful Automation

Set and forget. Once you're happy with your settings, Crush.pics will work away in the background compressing and renaming as you go.

Don't get left behind,
install Crush.pics today.

Why is Image Compression Important?

Crush.pics helps reduce the file size of your store’s images using a technique known as “image compression”. By removing unneeded data from your images the will look almost identical to their original but take considerably less time to download. Google loves fast websites and so will your customers.