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Can You Tell The Difference?

These images have been compressed with Balanced Compression

Original: 601KB Crushed: 306KB Size reduced by: 49%
Original: 64.8KB Crushed: 26.9KB Size reduced by: 58%
Original: 518KB Crushed: 264KB Size reduced by: 49%

Why You'll Love Balanced Compression

Our Balanced Compression algorithm strikes the perfect balance between quality and image size. By intelligently calculating just how much compression to apply to each image, ensures that the new image looks as close as possible to the original.

Image Compression

Powerful & Easy to Customise

Choose between Balanced and Conservative compression levels, or define your own custom settings.

Product Image SEO

Boost Your Search Engine Results

Help search engines understand your product images with easy to use Image Rename wizard.

Full Automation

Set Once & Let Handle It

After installation will automatically start compressing all your store’s images.

Thousands of Happy Users All Around the World is trusted by thousands of Shopify Merchants around the world. Find out how they are benefiting from advanced image compression and renaming technologies to speed up their stores and make their images search engine friendly.

“Simply phenomenal. Having 2000+ images on my website, load times were very frustrating both in collection and product pages. When I tried out this app, I immediately realized it was made for me.”
Vemes Distribution
Rome, Italy
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ML Delicate Beauty
Virginia, USA
"This app is great not only for image reduction but also for helping with SEO optimization. It lets you mass edit the alt tags on all your images with auto-fill versions of product titles along with custom text. Definitely worth the purchase!"
Electric Bicycle USA
Los Angeles, USA
"Great app! Super simple to use, our photos look exactly the same using the lossless feature and overall reduced our photo sizes by 18%. This is going to be huge for our performance."
Breizh Esthetics
Vancouver, Canada
“I love it Great product . Never reduces the quality of the pics . Definitely recommend to everyone . Thanks a lot .”
Quality Topia LLC
Florida, USA
“I use this app to make my images smaller and load quicker — works well! Takes just a few minutes and very easy to apply to all new images you upload in one go so you can leave it working while you do something else.”
London, UK
“Awesome App! Improved my site's page speed on desktop from 57 to 79. Cool!"
Go Bloom & Go
Minglanilla, Philippines
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Emily Lawson
Designer, Japan
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Apka Mart
Rajasthan, India
“Great app! We can see immediately that our web pages are loading faster!”
Happy Eco Baby
Auckland, New Zealand

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